The Prophet Idris (Enoch)


March 6, 2013 by theislampost

Author: Ibn Kathir

Allah has praised Enoch, describing him as being a Prophet and truthful:

“Mention in the Book (Qur’an) Idris (Enoch). Verily! He was a man of truth (and) a Prophet. We raised him to a high station.” [Al-Qur’an 19:56-57]

Enoch was born and raised in Babylon following the teachings and religion of Prophet Adam ‘alayhis-salam and his son Seth ‘alayhis-salam. Enoch was the 5th generation of the Prophet Adam. He called the people back to his forefathers religion, but only a few listened to him, while the majority turned away.

Prophet Enoch and his followers left Babylon for Egypt. There he carried on his mission, calling people to what is just and fair, teaching them certain prayers and instructing them to fast on certain days and to give a portion of their wealth to the poor.

He was the first of the Children of Adam to be given prophethood after Adam and Seth (peace upon them). It is reported that he was the 1st to invent the basic form of writing. Some of his wise sayings are:

Happy is he who looks at his own deeds and appoints them as pleaders to his Lord.

None can show better gratitude for Allah’s Favors than he who shares them with others.

Do not envy people for what they have as they will only enjoy it for a short while.

He who indulges in excess will not benefit from it.

The real joy of life is to have wisdom.

(t) Muhammad Gemeiah



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