The Mothers of the Prophets -(Hajar)

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December 16, 2012 by theislampost

She was an Egyptian slave girl who was given to Sara, Ibrahim’s wife as a present. Because Sara was barren, She prefered to give Ibrahim that girl in marriage so that she might bless him with a child. As years passed, Hajar gave birth to a son. Sara grew jealous and furious. She thought that she became inferior and that Hajar boasted over her. Therefore, she started to blame her husband by saying, “You disliked me after she had become pregnant!” He replied, “She is just your slave girl and you can do whatever you want.”(1)

However, Sara kept patient until Hajar gave birth to a boy. At that time, she became jealous. She swore not to live with that slave girl together.

Accordingly, Ibrahim took Hajar and the baby and went southward. They arrived at Makka, a barren town, where the relics of Allah‘s Sacred House were still there. This was the first House in which Allah was worshipped. There were just a few nomad people who would stay wherever they found water or pasture.

Ibrahim left his wife and his son there with a small amount of food and water. Then, he turned around and walked away. His wife hurried after him saying: “Where are you going, Ibrahim, leaving us in this barren desert?”

Ibrahim did not answer her and went on walking. She repeated what she said but he remained silent. Eventually, she realized that he did not do this of his own accord. She asked him, “Did Allah command you to do so?” Ibrahim replied, “Yes.” She, at once, said, “We are not going to be lost since Allah, who has commanded you is with us.”

Ibrahim walked until he was hidden from them by a mountain. There he raised his hand skyward and started praying to Allah,

(O Our Lord! I have made some of my offspring to dwell in a valley without cultivation, by the sacred House; in order, O our Lord! That they may establish regular prayer: so fill thehearts of some among men with love towards them, and feed them with fruits; so that they may give thanks.) (Ibrahim: 37)

Ibrahim left his wife and his son in the desert and went home to go on calling people to Allah. Hajar nursed her son, Isma’il and felt thirsty. The sun was scorching hot and invited thirst. After a period of time, all what she had of water was finished. The mother’ s milk was dry, and both mother and son were thirsty. Moreover, the food was finished and the situation seemed very difficult and critical.

Isma’il began to cry out of thirst, so his mother left him to search for water. She walked hurriedly until she reached a hill called “Safa” She climbed the hill and put her hands on her forehead to protect her eyes from the sun, narrowing her eyes she looked for a well, a man, a caravan or anything else. However, there was nothing to be seen.

She came down from Sara hurriedly until she reached the valley where she kept searching. Then she came upon a bill called “Marwa” She climbed it and looked around to see if anybody was in view. Unfortunately, there was nobody at her sight. She returned to her baby who was about to die out of thirst. She had nothing to do but to return again to the Safa Hill. From there, she hurried to Marwa Hill.

All her endeavors were of no avail. She went to and fro. between the two hills seven times.. For this reason, pilgrims walked between Sara and Marwa seven time, commemorating the memory of Hajar and the Prophet Isma’il.

Hajar returned after the seventh time tired and exhausted to find the water gushing from beneath Ismail’s feet. Water overflowed and the life of the mother and child were saved. The mother and child were saved. The mother cupped her hand and filled it with water as she gave thanks to Allah.

Afterwards, life began to thrive in this area. Caravans began to settle around the water which overflowed from Zamzam.

At that time, a caravan was passing westward towards Syria. When they noticed some flocks of birds flying over Makka, they realized that there must be water.

Instantly they went to Hajar and asked her permission to live beside her. Many people were
attracted by that new well of water and the place began to be inhabited by people.

[1 Qouted from the bible.]



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