The Mothers of the Prophets – (Sara)

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December 15, 2012 by theislampost

She was the only woman of Ibrahim’s people to believe in Allah. She, afterwards, became his wife. She stood by “her husband all the time when calling his people to Allah.

When Ibrahim realized that no one other than his wife and his nephew, Lut was going to believe in his call, he decided to imrnigrate, to a city called Ur and another called Haran and then departed for Palestine with them. After Palestine, Ibrahim arrived in Egypt.

His wife, Sara was barren. The pharaoh of Egypt during her stay in Egypt, presented her a slave girl to serve her. Ibrahim was getting old and he had had no son by her. Sara was past the age of childbearing as well. Sara thought about how she and Ibrahim were lonely, for she was barren. She thought that Ibrahim should take her slave girl, Hajar as a wife, Sara let her husband Ibrahim marry Hajar, Then Hajar gave birth to Isma’il, Ibrahim’s first son.

One day, Ibrahim received a group of strange guests. He chose a fat calf and gave orders for it to be slaughtered.

Ibrahim then invited his guests to eat and he let his wife serve them a gesture of welcome and hospitality. He received them with a salutation of peace, and immediately placed before them a sumptuous meal of roasted calf. The strangers were embarrassed. They were angles and did not eat.

The angels gave Sara glad tidings of Ishaq. She could hardly believe the news. The news seemed to her too good to be true. She came froward, clamoured, struck her forehead with her hands, indicative of her amusement and incredulity as “a barren old woman.” Allah the Almighty says,

(There came our Messenger to Ibrahim with glad tidings. They said, “peace!” He answered,
“Peace!” and hastened to entertain them with a roasted calf. But when he saw their hands
not reaching towards the (meal), he felt some mistrust of them, and conceived a fear of
them. They said: “Fear not: We have been sent against the people of Lut.” And his wife was
standing (there), and she laughed: But We gave her glad tidings of Isaac, and after him, of
Jacob. She said: “Alas form me! Shall I bear a child, seeing I am an old woman, and my
husband here is an old man? That would indeed be a wonderful thing!” They said: “Dost
thou wonder at Allah’s decree? The grace of Allah and His blessings on you, O ye people of the house! For He is indeed Worthy of all Praise, Full of all Glory!)
                                                                                                      (Hud: 70-73)



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