The Mother of the Mankind


December 12, 2012 by theislampost


She is the mother of mankind. She is created from one of Adam’s ribs. Allah the Almighty says,

(He created you (all) from a single person: then created of like nature, his mate) (Az-Zumar: 6)

It was after Adam had been created the angels were asked to prostrate to him, for by Allah’s grace,his status had actually been raised higher. All of angels prostrated save Iblis (Satan) who in turn wasexpelled from the Garden owing to his rebelliousness. Adam and his wife, Hawwa’ were placed inGarden of comfort and bless, but it was Allah’s plan to give him a limited faculty of choice. All thatwas forbidden to do was to approach the Tree, but he succumbed to Satan’ s suggestions.

Adam and Hawwa’ were innocent in matters material as well as spiritual. They knew no evil. But the faculty of choice, which was given to them and which raised them above the angels, alsoimplied that they has the capacity of evil, which by the training of their own will, they were toreject. They were warned of the danger. When they fell, they realized the evil. They were (as weare) still given the chance in this life on a lower plane, to make good and recover the lost status ofinnocence and bliss.

Adam and Hawwa’ were commanded to inhabit the earth. They were very sad. Both of themrepented and Allah accepted their repentance because it was sincere. They were told by Allah that the earth is their original abode where they would live and die and be resurrected from on the Dayof Judgement. Allah the almighty said,

{Therein shall ye live, and therein shall ye die: but from it shall ye be taken out (at last).} (Al-Araf: 25)

Some people claim that Hawwa’ is the real reason why mankind does not dwell in paradise becauseshe asked Adam to eat from the tree.

They believe that if it were not for this sin, we would have continued to live there. This isundoubtedly a naive view. When Allah the Almighty willed the creation of Adam He told theangels,

{ I will create a vicegerent on earth. } (al-Baqarah: 39)

He Almighty did not say, ”I will create a vicegerent on Paradise.” Allah, the High Exalted, Knewthat Adam and Hawwa would eat from that Tree and descend on earth. He knew that Satan wouldrob them of innocence. The knowledge they learned was to become essential for their life on earth.

From the very early down of life on earth, Satan tried to tempt our parents (and all of us) in orderthat he might manage to keep them away from the path of Allah. Thus it is an ongoing war and weshould fight against Satan to win Paradise.


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